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Flower garden and stone walking path designed and installed by Exterior Designs of Alexandria

Creating Custom Gardens that Beautify Yards Throughout Central Minnesota

Exterior Designs of Alexandria has been providing softscapes landscaping services for nearly two decades.

We believe your home’s or business’s landscape isn’t complete without finishing touches. These custom touches are often in the form of plants and other organic materials that aid in softening previously or newly installed hardscapes (i.e. paver structures, retaining walls, steps, etc.).

As a long-time Minnesota landscaping contractor, Exterior Designs creates custom designs using a mix of rock, mulch, flowering plants, shrubs, and trees to complete your yard’s landscape. When performing landscaping of this nature, we take all sorts of factors into consideration, including: how quickly or slowly certain plants grow; what season(s) they flower in; sunlight requirements; watering requirements; maintenance requirements; and more. In the end, we want to develop landscape solutions that work with your lifestyle, your yard, and your design style.

Along with the initial design and installation of your softscapes, we are able to provide on-going services to help maintain their appearance and promote proper growth.

Whether your yard just needs finishing touches or is in need of an entire landscape redesign, our experts will help you. No job is too big or too small for us to handle.

Home landscape with flower gardens and newly planted trees and shrubs

Tree and Grass Care Services

At Exterior Designs, we strive to ensure your yard is the envy of your neighbors by providing pristine green grass and pest-free trees.

  • Reduce dog spots on your lawn with all-natural and pet safe gypsum
  • Prevent Maple Scale tree pests and save your trees with preventative treatment
  • Save your ash trees from the Emerald Ash Borer with our annual preventative treatment

Close up of thick, green grass covered in morning dew

Lawn Weed and Feed Services

Get golf course green lawns with weed and feed services from Exterior Designs. Your grass will be thicker, filled in, dark green, and have less weeds with our professional weed and feed application. Our licensed applicators recommend two treatments for non-irrigated lawns and 2-4 treatments for regularly irrigated lawns.

Preparing for Weed and Feed Treatments:

  • Call to get a FREE estimate
  • Keep your lawn green all summer with our summer program
  • Consult with our experts so we can provide custom service
  • Mow prior to application for best results

Post Weed and Feed Steps:

  • Do not water your lawn for 24 hours
  • Do not mow your lawn for 48 hours
  • Keep children and pets off the lawn until it is dry

NOTE: Exterior Designs offers discounts to Weed and Feed customers when they provide us with referrals.

Golf course fairway after lawn aerification servcies have been performed

Lawn Aerification Services

Get greener, more resilient grass with our deep-tine aerification performed by Exterior Designs.

Aeration allows your lawn to have better drainage, deeper penetration for fertilizers, improved plant rooting, aided thatch growth, and increased stress tolerance. All of these benefits will provide stronger, healthier grass from season to season.

Preparing for Deep-Tine Aerification:

  • Do not use growth retardants 3-4 weeks prior
  • Fertilize 5-7 days prior at half the normal rate
  • Top dress lightly with normal mix

Post Aerification Steps:

  • Top dress with normal mix
  • Fertilize at half the normal rate
  • Irrigate after topdressing then water for 4-7 minutes
  • Mow your lawn without baskets for the first day or two