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Boulder Walls

Paver patios

Interlock Paving Stone

Click on image to view a larger photo.

Circular Paver Patio

Colonial pavers in a circle pattern with a retaining wall at seating height encompassing the sides creating the ideal patio to enjoy a fire.

Paver Patio

Colonial pavers in ranges 1 and 7 make a great combination with this charcoal/red wall.  Multi-level patios give this project more dimension and class. (right and bottom)

Paver Patio

       Paver Patio

lakeside ballroom

Colonial Fan pattern in range 3.  This pattern is very unique and can dress up any patio.  We recently installed this large patio at the Lakeside Steak and Chophouse in Glenwood, MN (above left).  This patio design can also be used on a smaller patio (above right).


Victorian pavers allow for a slightly fancier look as the pieces themselves are smaller than other pavers.  They allow you to be more flexible with grades and slopes.  This project is a range 3 random pattern.

raised patio ecos

Instead of adding a deck that you have to continuously maintain, consider adding a raised paver patio.  You won't have to deal with weeds coming through your deck ever again!

This patio is built with Eco pavers.  Eco pavers are a pervious paver!  They are designed to capture and manage storm water runoff.  If you are close to your 25% impervious allotment on your property, using eco pavers will allow you to still have that deck you've always wanted.  You can also use them for driveways and sidewalks.  Call us for more details and restrictions on their use.

eco pavers